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The users of our products have an opportunity to distribute their trademark, creating a positive customer image of your trademark.

We offer you the opportunity to advertise you trademark in every house.

Your logo may be printed on all types of our products and our products, circulated throughout a broad range of clientele, will introduce your trademark to the consumer.

Our products are unique and useful. Our products enable the user to save time, while being easy to use and beautiful. They are easy to sell and needed by everyone.

Now we offer you the New England Seed Packed Markers GARDEN LANTERN with or without your logo.

Prices depend on the size of your order.

Large orders will be shipped from abroad- directly from the production factor and with large orders, we guarantee low prices including shipping to the nearest port.

We offer a large discount for orders of more than 50,000 markers.

The larger the order, the greater the discounts.

Small orders are shipped from out warehouse in New Hampshire and shipping costs depend on your location.

You can inquire more about prices here — MAILTO: CONTACT@NORTHERNDOME.COM

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