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Northern Dome LLC is a distributor of original and unique plastic products for the horticultural industry.

We conduct sales throughout the US and Europe.

NORTHERN DOME was founded in March 2001 in Delaware State and it is based in New Hampshire.
The company is principally owned by four members.

We are proud of the innovative approach taken by our designers in developing all our products.

This season, we are advertising and distributing the product of our manufacturing partner. This product is the New England Seed Packed Markers GARDEN LANTERN, patented in many countries, including the US.

Unlike the other plant makers currently in the market, our Seed Packed Markers GARDEN LANTERN has the ability to encapsulate the original seed package.

With our Seed Packed Markers GARDEN LANTERN  a gardener has to fold the empty seed bag and put it into the transparent container of our plant marker after planting the seeds, then lock the container and insert the marker into the ground near the planted seeds.
One doesn't have to write on the marker or remember anything because he can conveniently
access this vital information at anytime.

Out Seed Packed Markers GARDEN LANTERN has earned us several nominations for the award of innovative products.

In addition to the direct and designated use of the product, it can also serve to advertise your trademarked name.
We provide the service of printing your company logo on the Seed Packed Markers GARDEN LANTERN and other products so that information about YOU can appear in any household, in any country.

This, along with the fact that our product can contain samples of your products, can significantly assist your business's distribution and marketing in the US and international market.


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