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Paint your city with flowers

Advertising Campaign Concept

The goal of the campaign:

  • To create a positive image of advertisers in the minds of the residents.
  • To increase the sales of the products of the advertiser.

The advertising campaign is intended for wide audiences within the sphere of interests of the advertiser; for example, consumers of products of the advertiser. The campaign is intended to realize the inner desire of every person to see his or her city beautiful and blooming.


Each participant in the campaign, a buyer of products of the advertiser, for example, receives as a gift a specially manufactured package with flower seeds. The package contains information about the campaign, as well as some advertising information.

The campaign invites participants to plant flowers wherever possible: in courtyards, lawns, and balconies, thus turning the city into a blossoming garden, just as in a childrens coloring book a black-and-white drawing turns into a jolly, colorful picture.

The package with flower seeds contains the seed packet wich is inserted into the Seed Packet Marker for convenient and easy planting (the marker allows for easy loosening of a small portion of soil for planting seeds, and then marking the sowings). The advertising information may also be printed on the marker.

The campaign should combine in one associative chain the following: The name of the advertiser planting flowerschanging the surrounding world into the colorful blossom.

Accompanying events may include: contests for the best flower composition of a courtyard, graffiti made with flowers, etc.

The idea may be used in PR and election campaigns.

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