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New Age Culinary Measuring Cup

Every woman spends a lot of her time in the kitchen. For this reason, the desire to fill it with the latest achievements in technology and design is fully justified. Look how rapidly the world of kitchen machinery and tools is changing.

New Age Culinary  Measuring Cup

But you may find a few really old ones, too. Take a measuring cup, for example. When was this  measuring cup inventedin the 19th century? Or was it in the 18th? Your grandmother was using exactly the same measuring cup, except that the glass one that she used has now been replaced with plastic.

A dozen gauges and hundreds of numbers are very difficult to see on the transparent body of the measuring cup. There seems to be no way around the problemthere are many products, and each requires its own gauge!

Our invention will change your concept of measuring the necessary amount of a product. It has a single gauge with product weights (from 10 grams to 1 kilogram). Simply match the weight of a product with its name and youll get the volume of the product indicated by the bright line on the cup. Just pour your product up to the line and enjoy the convenience!

Accuracy, convenience, style, and design are what women of the 21st century expect. And all this you will find in our new Culinary Measuring Cup that will fit perfectly into any modern kitchen interior.

Patent pending.

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