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Gas/Oil Ratio Measuring Cup

Currently, preparing fuel mixes for two-stroke engines is a complicated process that requires at the very least the knowledge of mixing components in correct proportions.

Gas/Oil Ratio Measuring Cup

Various types of two-stroke engines require different proportions, and even the same engine requires different proportions when using different types of oil in different operation modes . Try to calculate in your head how much oil you need with a 1:33 mix ratio per 2.5 liters of gas.

Some solutions on the market today offer measuring vessels that allow you to measure a certain amount of oil, but they don’t solve the problem of calculating the volumes of the components of a mix.

Our invention allows for error-free simultaneous calculation and measurement of oil/gas mixes. Just match the required gas volume on the gas-volume gauge (from 0.5 to 10 liters) with the desired value on the ratio gauge (from 1:20 to 1:100). Pour oil until its level reaches the crossing of the pointer and the line on the glass, and rest assured that you have measured just the exact amount of oil you need.

The design of the measuring glass allows for accurate measurements of even small amounts of oil beginning at 10 ml.

The process of mixing oil and gas has never been this easy and accurate!

Patent pending.


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